Liane & Marion (© photo by Tina Norris)

Liane & Marion (© photo by Tina Norris)

‘The longer you stay skeptical, doubtful, intellectually uncomfortable, the better it is for you.’ Joseph Brodsky


UrbanPioneers is a Landscape Architecture Practice founded by Marion Preez and Liane Bauer and both have been working as landscape architects for a total of 16 years. Both have a vast experience in public realm design, housing developments, public art projects, regeneration, parks, public squares, and playgrounds.

Most of their work involves public engagement and consultation to create designs, which result in site specific and individual projects. Bespoke elements representing typical features of the surrounding, its history, telling a story or underlining specific functions are characteristic for their designs, thus creating identification, ensuring the success of the project and long-term benefits to the local community.

While they enjoy living and working in Scotland and being originally from Germany, both Marion and Liane, have worked in various countries including The Netherlands, Denmark, USA, New Zealand and Australia. They regularly discuss experiences, new technologies and materials, inventive and sustainable design solutions with colleagues worldwide trying to deliver cutting edge design to Scotland. During their previous work they have successfully advocated a special form of low maintenance powder-coating (Switzerland), used recycled glass to enhance asphalt (USA), planted an affordable perennial mix which combines attractiveness with low maintenance (developed and tested by universities in Germany) and built a unique slide with glassfibre reinforced plastic (Germany). UrbanPioneers inspiration is fueled by their exposure to the international markets and research with the intention to use new technologies to create more sustainable, better designed and inspiring places.

UrbanPioneers is keen to develop a strong art approach as part of their work. Marion and Liane don’t only see contemporary art as their inspiration but as a tool to understand and explore context, space, relationships between elements, colours and textures. They are keen on collaborating with various artists to gain new modes of practice, getting fresh insights and new ways of thinking. As Marion is an artist herself, UrbanPioneers will be involved in art projects themselves with site specific projects, installations and performances.